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The Wild Onion Brewing Co. Paddy Pale Ale Beer Review

The Wild Onion Brewing Co. was started in Lake Barrington, IL in 1995. An interesting fact from their website states that Wild Onion Brewing Company's Paddy Pale Aletheir name is based off an old Potawatomi word for the local land, “Che-Cau-Gua,” which means “the land of the wild onion,” or “stinking onion” when translated properly. On to the beer review!

Paddy Pale Ale claims to have been brewed in tribute to a couple of old rail-working, beer drinking Irishmen who wanted for a long time to start their own brewery. It’s an American Pale Ale brewed a hundred years later in their honor. It looked intriguing to me. I mean, look at the can; it’s cool, no? Those guys on the can looked like they were enjoying their brew, so I thought I’d give it a try.

After pouring it, I must say the appearance excited me. It poured a rusty orange colored brew with a bit of haze.  Sadly, all I can say is, meh. The beer smelled like Mandarin orange (the small ones). I almost smelt a malty goodness, but then it disappeared into a sort of hay or grassy smell. Then back to orange. For a pale ale it was sub-par I guess. I gave it the benefit of my doubt, though, and awaited my first sip. Again, all I can say is, meh. It tasted pretty much how it smelled, like oranges. This time I did, however, taste the malt. It wasn’t overbearing, the orange taste was though.Paddy Pale Ale head It was pretty smooth at first as well; with a pale ale I expect some bitterness. It came, but at the end of the beer.

As you can see, the look of the head and beer itself is very appealing. It actually looks like it would be a very good, refreshing beer. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best pale ale I’ve ever had either. Basically, an average beer but not as decent as most average beers, if you can understand that. At 5.6% alc/vol, it’s a beer I want to drink after I’m already good and drunk. It’s a beer you drink when eating drunk food, the ones with all the grease.

Beer Rating: 2/5

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