Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA

Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA Beer Review

Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA - Upland BreweryI had the original Dragonfly IPA, so when I heard there was a Dragonfly Black IPA I knew I had to do a beer review. Brewed wonderfully by Indiana’s Upland Brewery, it is one of my favorite IPA’s of all time. I really do like the selection they serve up, if you are ever in Indiana I suggest picking up a few six packs of whatever Upland brews you can find.

Komodo Dragonfly pours a very dark, frothy drink with minimal head. I thought it would be thicker than it appears, making me think it would be a bit easier to drink. I was right, the only problem is I thought it might have been too light. That’s OK. It was good nonetheless. The smell was a bit different from most IPA’s. I smelt malt, roasted malt. Maybe even caramel and chocolate. I was really expecting roasted hops or something to that extent. I smelt piny hops, but not as much as the other things I described. Maybe the hops needed to be more prevalent or even over-bearing to drown out the other flavors. When I think IPA’s I think hops, no I expect hops,¬†that’s all.

The taste, however, made up for the smell. I tasted the hops and they were very well mixed with the flavors of the smell. I could definitely taste the malt and the caramel at first, but the hops came out more¬†towards end to me. Maybe because that’s what I wanted to taste. Either way it worked. There is also a lingering taste of chocolate I think. Maybe even roasted coffee. I would have rather ended it with hops alone, but the mixture of chocolate and piny hops is a unique blend.

Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA Head - Upland Brewery It went down pretty smooth. It’s 6.5% alc/vol but I didn’t taste any of the alcohol. I would have liked a little more of a bite, though, like IPA’s usually display. There wasn’t as much head as I was expecting either. I really did like this beer and hope to find it again. They don’t distribute to Chicago sadly, so I will have to make a trip to Indiana the next time they brew a batch.

I would recommend you drink this with a burger. Your favorite comfort food will do, but I had mine with a grilled cheeseburger and it was great.


Beer Rating: 5/5

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