The brewmaster of Goose Island Brewery, Greg Hall, was caught urinating into a couple of glasses at a bar up in Wicker Park a week ago. Wow. As the story goes, he was seen leaning at the front of the bar looking down, you know how it goes. He then proceeded to kindly leave both the glasses at the bar, so the bartender could tend to them.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all used other places besides the designated bathroom. But never in a glass at a bar. Not even close. It’s not like this place didn’t have bathrooms. What would possess someone to do something like that you ask? Oh yeah, the $38.8 million they acquired when Goose Island sold out to AB. I actually gave them the benefit of my doubt. Not anymore. I thought about it anyways, what happens when Miller or Budweiser make “craft brews?” Budweiser Wheat and “triple hops-brewed,” whatever that means. What I’m saying is, I bet we’re going to see a Goose Island 64 or some Goose Island Light garbage come out. I really hope not. It seems a bit harsh, but what he did was unacceptable.

I’d be interested in hearing what really happened between Greg Hall and the bartender who exchanged words with him. I also read that the bar was asked if they were going to carry any Goose Island beers anymore to which they responded they were undecided but whatever they chose would be discreet.

And oh yea, Hall did come out and publicly apologize, but right after he publicly urinated.

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