Shortly after they acquired Goose Island, AB InBev is making another bogus move. The Illinois General Assembly heard a proposed bill this week that would allow small craft breweries in Illinois to distribute their own beers, AB wants to block this from happening. This would be great for those breweries that want to expand and expose their beers to a new market without getting involved with big corporate companies like Goose Island is doing now.

Currently beer gets to consumers by going through three different mediums: manufacturers, distributors and retailers. They claim this system helps keep one entity from dominating the entire market, but it effectively denies craft breweries from going directly to a bar or pub with their beer; they need pay money to hire a distributor. Apparently AB has been trying to gain market share and distribution rights in Chicago for quite some time, but was denied through court proceedings. Anheuser-Busch claimed this was discriminating to out-of-state brewers and somehow convinced a judge the ruling was wrong. Our corporate judicial system at work again. Dicks.

If the law is so discriminating, how come I can go to the liquor store and buy craft beer from Michigan, Indiana, California and countless other out-of-state breweries?

Basically what’s going to happen is that AB will control more distribution rights in Chicago and the rest of Illinois. This will make it harder for craft breweries to get their beers out there because you know AB won’t market these beers like they do their crappy watered-down piss in cans. We can also assume that AB would charge these small breweries too much for them to afford getting their beer distributed, so they won’t even have a chance in the first place.

I want to know what the owners of AB drink. You can rest assured it’s not Budweiser. If it is, gross. Why would you deny great beer from being manufactured and distributed? Money. What little money these craft breweries would be making is already destined to be in AB’s already fat pockets. God forbid we have the chance to drink good, new beer that hasn’t been around because by law it wasn’t allowed.

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