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I’m Doug, I graduated from DePaul University right here in Chicago, Illinois. I work in Chicago as well, for an online marketing firm. I have been a fan of  beer for most of my adult years. I will admit, I used to drink MGD by choice. I still do, and Coors Light. What? Like you don’t enjoy a cold Coors Light and a burger. The first real beer I can remember drinking is still, to this day, my favorite beer, Tyskie. Polish beer is inherently my favorite beer of the world. Na Zdrowie! As far as craft brews go, the U.S. has it down pat.

I really like specific breweries; they just seem to be doing something right. Some of these breweries include:

  • Bell’s Brewery in Michigan
  • North Coast Brewing Company in California
  • Victory Brewing in Pennsylvania


As for my favorite beers from these brewers:

You really can’t go wrong with any of those brews, especially if you like your beer to have rich taste and a lot of alcohol. From the beers I listed, you can probably tell my favorite types of beer are stouts and IPAs. I enjoy a crisp lager from time to time, though. There are literally hundreds of beers I have sampled over the years and to recall every one of those would be difficult to do.

That’s where the beer blog comes in. It’s a mission of mine to document my beer experiences. Good beer, bad beer, anything and everything in between. And I say beer experiences because it’s usually is just that, an experience. Usually you eat while drinking, and usually not alone. This is how it turns into an experience. Beer is a conversation starter. Everyone has their favorite beer for a specific reason. Everyone has their preferences and dislikes, again for a specific reason. This is why I blog about beer; to offer my opinion and accept criticisms. Hey, you may find a great beer by doing this.

The next time you are sitting at your favorite bar, ask the person sitting next to you about their favorite beer and why it’s their favorite; I guarantee you will be talking about beer for the next ten minutes, at least.


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